Approach to IFRS 17

Companies looking to generate value through a more
strategic approach to IFRS17 development and implementation,
The Shard’s IFRS17 solution is a practical, “top-down” solution.

Unlike the majority of “bottom-up” IFRS17 implementation projects currently focusing only on technical and systems issues, our approach ensures all business decisions relating to IFRS17 implementation can be linked back to the key strategic questions asked by the Board.

Considering strategic business impacts from the Board’s perspective prior to the development of key methodologies, systems transformation decisions and modelling solutions.

Leveraging The Shard’s global network through our European partners we are able to provide high-quality actuarial, finance and systems implementation resources on IFRS17 projects.

This helps manage evidence to their Boards that IFRS17 considerations are being carried out to add value to the business.